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Connect for 1992 version 14 / Add-on


Connect” refers to scene export to file. You should have setup of 1992 Enterprise version 14 (1992 Enterprise Kitchen or 1992 Enterprise Bath or 1992 Enterprise Full).



The capabilities of the 1992 are constantly evolving according to market. With the new add-on ”Connect” you can connect 1992 v14 with the majority of design programs (eg 3ds Max, AutoCAD). Furthermore, you are now given the possibility to import files in .skp (SketchUp) format, but also to export the 1992 study in the following formats:

  • FBX
  • OBJ
  • SKP
  • DAE
  • DXF


Εxporting a study in one of the above formats, you can transfer the geometries (walls and objects), light sources, textures and materials you created in 1992 to the program of your choice for further processing or using the added capabilities (render, modeling etc.) that the program gives you.

Connect Add-on relates to “1 licence”. You purchase it once and the license belongs to you.