Company History

Infowood Technologies was founded in Thessaloniki in 1988

The company “Chatziefremidi Bros Co.” (Infowood Technologies) was founded in 1988 in Thessaloniki by brothers Minas and Efthimis Chatziefraimidis, with subject of constructing specialized software for the industry of kitchen furniture.

The first version of the program, which named “1992”, was completed in 1989. It was the only Greek program that gave 3D perspective and operated independently.

Infowood Technologies, then, rewrote from the beginning the “1992” for Windows 3.0, using as main tool to develop C++ programming language and the technique of “texture mapping”.

So “1992” was worldwide one of the first program in the industry that ran in “Windows 3.0”. As far as the presentation of photorealistic perspective of kitchen is concerned, it used images of doors, appliances and sides.

In 1999, Infowood Technologies, having a dominant position in Greek market – which has ensured the potential of self financing – proceeded to implementation of two other targets:

  • Participating in foreign exhibitions and searching partners/distributors in countries such as Italy, Spain, Turkey, the Middle East.
  • The need of presentation – cost accounting – ordering related branch to kitchen furniture. This required adaption of “1992” in new formula and development of ancillary tools for both to be independent development and to be economical and accessible to all. The result of this effort is the fact that “1992” is the most suitable tool for professional use in furniture kitchen, closet, kid room, office, bathroom, and the ceramic tiles, floors, marble and sanitary ware.

Since then 1992 was upgraded several times with new versions. Consolidating its position in Greek and international markets, has acquired offices and partners abroad, translated into several languages and was opened to professionals in many industries.

Meanwhile since 2006 it is available the program Cut it, an integrated management program for calculating and cutting, with or without “1992”.

In the beginning of 2009 there is on market the new version of 1992, Enterprise. It is included multilayer and multilevel studies, formulation of the user interface, highly flexible management of the study (for example you can both open floor plan and perspectives and views to work and immediately update all), direct and full access to all objects or per layer, easy and quick design of curved surfaces and walls, storage of many camera angles (camera) and print, alone or in combination, the full potential of printing and much more.