The new facilities of Infowood Technologies in a modern building with total area of ​​3200 m2.

In the beginning of 2003 Infowood Technologies purchases a 8500m2s land in the vicinity of Oraiokastro Thessalonikis. There are new facilities, a modern building total area of 3200m2 and since November 2006 the company is accommodated there.

The new multi-storey building is housed the offices of company, the department of management, development, sales, marketing, accounting, production, technical support, web development and the creative department. Also there are two full-equipped training rooms.

MesaToday Infowood Technologies is staffed by more than 30 people, who are highly educated.

The continued development of the company in recent years, in new markets and products has directly reflected in areas such as:

  • Human resources and high standards of working conditions
  • Infrastructure for education-training for customers and partners but also for the foreign partners
  • Issues such as data security and advanced technological equipment are needed to support.
  • Expansion to clients such as designers and architects, addressing their specific needs.