1992 - Design, presentation and costing software.

Kitchen furniture & Closet Exhibitions

1992 can be used by seller of kitchen furniture and closet, as tool of design, presentation and costing. It is fast, user friendly 3D design software with a very nice result. His libraries are complete and updated continuously with new items, devices and new materials.

Bath furniture and Sanitary ware Exhibitions

Apart from professionals in kitchen and closet, 1992 can be used by seller in bathroom industry. You can design and present your bathroom as complicated as it is, with the tiling add-on.

Also, apart from the exact layout of tiles in space, it calculates the quantity of tiles that you will need.

Furniture manufacturers - Do It Yourself Stores

You can design easily new furniture with the closet add-on. During design, the software has automation that protects you from construction errors.

Then, after presentation, you can ask raw materials analysis, costing based on raw materials, cutting optimization and construction instructions.

More ...

Apart from libraries (furniture and tiles), each user of 1992 can contact with us and upon request we can create his library. Also, in case of creating himself his own library, we provide instructions and advice.


Kitchen furniture design

Bathroom furniture design

Wardrobe furniture design

Living room furniture design

Bedroom furniture design

Children's furniture design

Office furniture design

General furniture






Electrical devices


Furniture materials

Bath materials

Tile coating

Automatic design


Cutting optimization

Warehouse Organizing

Modular Shelving System

Export scene to file (eg 3ds Max, AutoCAD)

Import object from FBX file

Import object from 3D Warehouse - SketchUp

Electrical and plumbing installations

3D Render

Panorama 360

Video maker

VR System (Virtual Reality)


The libraries are complete as they are constantly enriched, both with new objects and devices, and with new materials.

Tile coating

In addition to the exact layout of the tiles in the room, it also calculates the quantity (of tiles) you will need.

Cubes add-on

You can request raw material analysis, costing based on raw materials, cutting optimization and manufacturing instructions.

Custom Libraries

Any user of ``1992`` can contact us, and upon agreement we can create his own library with the standardization he uses.