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VR System (Virtual Reality) / Add-on


“VR System Add-on” refers to virtual reality system of studies. You should have setup of 1992 Enterprise version 14 (1992 Enterprise Kitchen or 1992 Enterprise Bath or 1992 Enterprise Full).



The VR season is coming soon

When the biggest tech companies in the world (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple) are investing billions in VR development technologies, then you know something big is on the horizon. Experts say that this VR revolution will be bigger than the invention of the mobile phone and that the first companies to use this VR virtual reality technology will profit a lot.


Why should designers interest in?

Designers must look ahead because the market is about to turn to something different and at the same time impressive, 3D virtual reality (Virtual Reality). Touch, depth, sound and emotion are parts of the VR experience, making even the most innovative 2D screen experiences seem boring.

What you feel is what is called “psychological presence”, that is, the sense of being inside of what you see”.


The best way to learn about VR design… is in VR

In VR you are not just an observer but a participant with the choice to influence the result. Pretty cool, right? So before you even start thinking about designing for VR, it’s important to try it and really understand how it works.


VR System for 1992

The design and presentation has gone through many stages over the years. From designing on paper, black and white linear, monochrome realistic results to today with true photorealistic results (Render).


The Future is NOW

Tomorrow has already been designed, planned and is already available by some companies including Infowood Technologies.

Infowood Technologies, always looking to the future, has prepared and provided to his customers the “ultimate” tool that will change everything you have known until now, and this is Virtual Reality system.


Why you need it?

VR SYSTEM virtual reality system is a very useful tool for kitchen, bathroom exhibitions but even more for professionals without an exhibition. But why more for professionals without an exhibition?

Because VR SYSTEM gives you the possibility to present your studies with all the materials that your client wants (mechanisms, doors, devices, etc.) materials that you don’t have in your space, letting him browse, as if he were there…


The revolution was the expression “let us present you on the computer screen how your kitchen, the bathroom looks like…” which passed from the stage of innovation to the stage of necessity…

The word innovation now has name “Virtual Reality system” and the expression is now “come to move to your future space…”.

“Ευ σοι το μέλλον έξει, αν το παρόν ευ τιθής”.


VR System Add-on relates to “1 licence”. You purchase it once and the license belongs to you.